[LIVE 28.03.2020] Rise of Kingdoms PvPvE [x2] Semi RP server [EU]

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Are you like many others looking for a Conan Exiles server with a nice mix of PvP, PvE and with a touch of RP? You think the basic map should have some more content but you don’t want an over-modded server. You miss some more towns to discover as well as building your own without having to worry about being raided 24/7. You still like to PvP, to not feel completely safe but would love to add some RP to it and not always kill on sight. You might also have a life besides Conan so you don’t have the opportunity to play every hour of the day.

Well, then Rise of Kingdoms is for you! A slightly modded server to provide you with more content to be able to build your Kingdom exactly how you want it. We can offer you two more towns to explore, new building pieces, snowstorms and much more for you to discover. You can only raid bases on Saturday/Sunday between 19-21 to minimize the chance that your base gets raided while you’re not there to defend it. We believe that in this way it will be more fun but also more risky to raid bases because there is a higher chance that an owner of the base is online to protect it. There will be a lot of epic fights for sure! We will have active admins to make sure you always have a good time and you can always ask them if you got any questions.

Join our Discord here> discord.gg/eQGA6QP

We will start with 20 slots and increase as the server gets more populated. Here is a list of our basic settings:

2x Harvest
2x XP
Increased durability.
Clan size max 5 (to prevent larger clans to have a huge advantage).
Max 20 thralls or pets per clan.
Raiding between 19-21 on weekends.
No decay on thralls and buildings. Instead we will wipe the server every third/fourth month.

The server is located in Germany to provide a central location in EU and therefore provide stable ping for most people.

See you on the other side! :wink: