PC-PvE-C New Server ! [GER/EU]

[GER/EU] :de:
Hello there !
Im an German Conan Exiles player. I started playing since the early access and I loved it.
After a year I stopped playing and now Im back. I started an own Server with some friends. [GER/EU] Exiled Oblivion x2 ! -Wipe-31.03.2022 (Discord) We got Arena Events and very active and motivated admins. If youre new or youre an experienced player youre very welcome ! Visit our Discord server too.

Information about the Server :100:
We are a growing community with a weekly number of players of 15, so we hope to welcome even more players very soon !
If you are completely new, you will get all the help you need (information or start items).
Our PvP times are restricted from 16:10 - 23:59 (EU time)

Additional water sources, maps and defenders have been placed at each fast travel point to make your journey through the world easier.

And here are some pictures of some castles and houses of the first players on the server.

[GER/EU] Exiled Oblivion x2 ! -Wipe-31.03.2022 (Discord)

Come Join Us !