[US][PC] Rise of Nations PvE-Conflict Server | 5xHarvest, 2xEXP | Discord | Active Admins

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Thank you for checking out our post. We are a community thats been around since January 2016. We have an active commununity that is super helpful and open to all varieties of roleplay. So if you’re new to roleplaying people are more than happy to help you out with your character and help you through the process. We started out with Ark roleplay servers and have been around ever since. However conan for us will be less of a roleplay experience as some of us want to try it out and see how it feels without it for a bit. This may change in the future though.

Server Name: Rise of Nations PvE-Conflict 5xHa 2xEXP

Server IP:

Discord: http://discord.gg/K3ypzpq

Server Features:

Server Updates. We do our best to keep the server up to date, if we are running into issues we will keep people updated on the discord.

Active Approachable & Helpful Admins. Admins will always be available to the player base to resolve issues. We like to maintain an atmosphere that admins are no gods. We play the game alongside you. We will always make a conscious effort to be as helpful as we can be. Even if we dont get to an issue right away, we try out best to atleast get to it when we do have the time.

Admins are extremely nuetral. Admins dont get involved with fights or pick sides. We remain unbiased on all matters. No one person has a buddy buddy relationship with any admin. As far as admin impact on the island. If you have an issue with an admin or you believe an admin has done something wrong, please report it to the owner. They are viewed as players as well and are not immune to the rules.

Frequent Purges: For newer players you should have plenty of time to prepare yourself for the purge. We also change purge levels by popular demand so people can both experience difficult and interesting purges, or be able to get more thrall purges so they can get the unique recipes.

Server Settings Negotiable: If you hop in and disagree with a particular setting feel free to let us know so we can fine tune things to better match what everyone wants. Feedback is always appreciated.

No Lag: The server is hosted up on a top of the line rig on a really powerful internet connection. So should there be any lag, it’s 100% something related to a bug in the game. However we do server restarts quite often so as to keep it as smooth as possible.

Server Rules:

No Base Camping: You are not allowed to camp someones base and wait for them to come out to kill them, or grief them. If you chase someone to their base you are allowed to atleast wait for 2 minutes before you need to leave the area.

No Griefing Bases: No spamming foundations around peoples bases to stop them from building out. However if you were built in that spot first and this person is a newcomer that built too close then it’s on them for building far too close to you. Situations like these will be handled on a case by case basis though however.

No Admin Spawned In Bases or Items: Admins however may spawn in resources to help out players that lost a lot of gear due to someone violating server rules, or a ridiculous bug. But thats about it.

Missing A Rule?: If you feel like something should be here or there’s some specific situation you experienced on another server and would like to see that prevented here let us know in chat. Much like the settings, feedback is everything to us.

Gonna be upping the crafting speed for this weekend. Feel free to hop on the server to join in on the fun. :slight_smile:

Quite a few new faces on the server, still got plenty of spots so feel free to join up. :slight_smile:

Your Discord link has expired. I posted this in Steam and was ignored. I’ll try here if no reply or correction I will assume server is down.

Gonna be upping the Crafting Speed, NPC Respawn, Resource Respawn as well as some other rates for the weekend.

Feel free to hop on the server to join in on the fun. :slight_smile:

Gonna be upping the Crafting Speed, NPC Respawn, Resource Respawn as well as some other rates for the weekend.

Feel free to hop on the server to join in on the fun.

Yeah come join us and stuff! We’re super laid back, help out new players, and have a lot of fun together.

Still going strong. Plenty of awesome spots to build in. :slight_smile:

Are you sure, am having trouble finding it

took a while, but finally loaded

Glad you were able to find it.

Also, as an announcement we’re going to be putting mods on the server soonish, we’re just going through which ones we want and whatnot.