Looking for a PC PvP or PvE-C East Coast Server ( NO RP)

Must include following mods

Improved Exiled Lands
Improved Quality of Life

If you havent found one then give ours a go. You dont have to RP if you dont want to, most of us just mildly RP anyway.

Hey! Looking for a mild RP server with some PvP AND PvE?

Im forever glad I joined this server. Active admin and moderators are helpful and on the ball if the mods go wrong after updates. Lvl 300 cap makes the game more interesting. Perfect mild mods that dont OP the game, just extend helpful things like better building. Friendly folks, like some pvp but leave you alone If you’re not into it. Mild RP not mandatory but pretty fun. RP villages which are protected under the rules. A PvP free zone. Extra dungeons and regular events. No wipes but she monitors who leaves and wants to destroy their building or who hasn’t been on on months etc.

I looked for a server for ages, and always found ones that had idiots and trolls on.

Discord thats helpful to join too. People all over the world so always someone online. Gets busy, but max Ive seen on is 9/10 which is a nice number tbh. We could use more RPers and PvPers Come and give it a go! You wont regret it. .Soujourn II A Conan exiles RPPvP Hybrid Server 20 slots

Worht a shot :smiley: