Soujourn II A Conan exiles RPPvP Hybrid Server 20 slots

Sojourn II
A Conan Exiles RPPvP Hybrid Server

Join our amazing community for the best Conan Exiles experience including custom content.
Our server is a great place to enjoy expanded material in the Conan Exiles universe. We
incorporate some of the most popular mods available for a truly unique and exciting

Commerce is a thing here, and we take the “grind” out of the game as best we can. Programmed thralls throughout the world (at outposts, cities, and dungeons) will provide the materials, armor, and weapons so you don’t have to spend hours making stuff just to play the game.

Level cap is 300 in the server and players past 60 are able to take use of “Paragon” leveling perks! We also have 3x material gather rate and 3x EXP gain!

There are daily quests in the world and interactable NPCs all over the world.
There are 5 custom made dungeons, with a 5th in progress, currently for varying levels:
A level 10-50 dungeon
A level 70-120 dungeon
A level 120+ dungeon
A level 225+
and one dungeon for all levels.

Admin is available almost all of the time, (Except when she’s sleeping!)
New custom content and events added weekly!

Direct connect to the server:
Join our Discord:

Mods on the server:

  • Birds of Passage
  • NoxUIChanges
  • Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling
  • Aquilonian Females
  • Less Building Placement Restrictions
  • Emberlight
  • Pippi (heavily influenced content)

There will be no wipes on the server, however I keep the server clean of structures that people build who no longer play on the server, or have been inactive. the community is very friendly and laid back. Hope to see you on our server/discord! :heart:

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115 views oh wow :P… Well anyways we are up by about 10-12 people now! And everyone is happy with the server so far. So come give it a try :slight_smile:


So update on my server if ANYONE wants to join :smiley:
We are up to 3 month server period now. Server slots are still 20. And we have at least 40 new people in the last couple months who have joined us. Also I have new content

New Content I’ve created: Temple of Musashi level 225+ super hard weekly dungeon where the reward is massive and you get a permanent +3 to all stats and it’s stackable!

New custom PvP area: Labyrinth of Death. A large maze I’ve created with multiple weekly events planned for it. First event was battle royale style where you start with basic materials, and there are chests with basic to advanced gear hidden inside. Last one standing wins.
Also planning an event this weekend that involves me playing with a dead by daylight style gameplay to it!
So If you read this far, you’re awesome and hopefully you like what I have posted here and you come and join our community :smile:

Just discovered this server and would love to join, but searches in the server menu and the ip for direct connect have yielded no results