Sojourn II - A Conan Exiles 18+ Only RPvP Server

Sojourn II
A Conan Exiles 18+ Only RPvP Server

Join our amazing community for the best Conan Exiles experience including custom content. Our server is a great place to enjoy expanded material in the Conan Exiles universe. We incorporate some of the most popular mods available for a truly unique and exciting experience.

Commerce is a thing here, and we take the “grind” out of the game as best we can. Programmed Thralls throughout the world (at outposts, cities, and dungeons) will provide the materials, armor, and weapons so you don’t have to spend hours making stuff just to play the game.

For the PvP players:
The mightiest clans are able to hold land that they control how they see fit as well as
receiving substantial rewards to wage war against the other land owners on the server.

For the PvE players:
Custom quest lines, interactable NPCs, custom and story driven dungeons (solo, multi, raids).

For the ERP players:
With the use of the sextiles mod, your free to let your freak flags fly!

Active admin’s are available around the clock. New custom content is added weekly if not daily. New quests, new thralls, new stuff all the time. Custom events (one admin enjoys dropping dragons in populated places for the funsies of it).

Direct Connect:
Website: (we’ll get a domain shortly)

  • Birds of Passage
  • Conan Sexiles
  • NoxUIChanges
  • Pickup+
  • Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling
  • Aquilonian Females
  • Less Building Placement Restrictions
  • Emberlight
  • Pippi (heavily influenced content)

We are still fleshing out the server, and more player slots will be added as needed. No wipes, laid back community, great people, active admins, Gods enabled only for special reasons, lots of custom content.

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