New Server {PC} - Launched 7/5/20: PVP, No Map Rooms. Weekend Raiding

  • Name: [EU] [PVP] [No-Map-Rooms] [No-Gods] Fresh Start / Wiped 7/5/20 [Weekend Raiding 8pm+ GMT] - 1*Rate
  • Launch Date: 7/5/20 Approx 6pm GMT
  • PVP: Open world
  • Raiding: Weekends 8pm -11.30pm UK
  • Rates: 1* Harvest/EXP/Thrall EXP.
  • Mods: No_Map_Rooms
  • Rules: No Under meshing, No Foundation Spam or Walling off Spawns/Dungeons.
  • Clan size max: 5
  • Slots: 45 Can be expanded if needed.
  • Purge: Online only, min 1 member
  • Followers: 6 Per Player.
  • Admins: Contactable via Discord Text Chat
  • Discord: Yes, cannot post here but link in server info.

Turn mods on in the server browser to find.


Why not PVE? Full PVE servers exist already, this is a more casual mix of building/raiding.
1 Rates?* With weekend only raiding it should be harder to build a mega structure very early, once the server has been running a while we can review to increase the player Exp Rate.
Why weekend only raiding? People work, or have family or other commitments, being forced into 7 day a week raid timers is too much for some.
No map rooms? Latest patch includes followers + horses for travel & combat. Its going to make the game feel larger, make it harder to track down those hidden bases (Land Claim warning msg off). It will encourage outposts/exhibitions and make travel/survival less trivial. On top of this, no more raiding into a base where the players have just warped out with all the loot from inside.
Are there planned wipesNo, wipes are not planned
**Will there be admin ran events?**No, but if clan wants to organise something, and farm for prizes thats fine.

The server is designed for Conan Exiles to be played at a slower pace, over a longer period - for gamers with less time but still wanting a longer term game commitment.

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Server is up

Ill join in here.
Almost impossible to play on official servers with players with 1000+++ hours gametime before you even get to build a sandstone hut :smiley:

So glad to join a new server! Looking forward to the fun

We have seen a few clans join up already, and 1x rate means no-ones massively ahead. Get on and grab your favorite spot - we’re in for the long haul!

Glad you joined!

Good to see ya!

Bump -

I made this account to recommend this server.

Nice and friendly community and no toxic nonsense.

I live here now.

Server getting populated nice?

Its getting there, decent community so far too!

Great weekends raiding complete, time to chill!

Getting prepped for raid times, plenty of room on the map for you still too!

Nice steady pace, raiding tonight; then chill/pve//rebuild and pre pare this week

Sounds good, might have to check it out

nice server with friendly community well worth checking out :+1:

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Gearing up for tonights fireworks; 4 small groups taking it easy - plenty of room - stop on by!

I’ll give you guys a shot, but 1x on a PvP server?

~Yeah, limiting the raiding to weekends only with a limited resource gain stops huge bases springing up all over uncontested.