Newb-ish player looking for server.. (see post for more)

I dont have a lot of experience playing Conan Exiles, primarily offline-single player. However, Im looking for a mainly RP server (though with some light PVP elements) thats either not too far along in overall progression or with enough space for new players to go off on their own and build their own little places to start with, and progress fun-ly without being overwhelmed with stuff. Mature-RP-friendly player.

So, if people have suggestions reply here or send me PMs. I have looked at the various RP Server adverts in this forum and some seem interesting, but 1> I cant really decide where to go so suggestions might help, and 2> well established servers leave me concerned that there wont really be space for new players to stretch their wings


For officials, PVE-C is melee 6 hours a day, the rest is PVE, more social and/or RP type servers.
Then there is PVP (raiding) 6 hours a day servers. Nothing light about it. You take a blue fish from the wrong clan, and you better log in every day for the 6 hours of raid time if you don’t want to be offline wiped.

for controlled PVP, privates are the way to go. But research for ones that seem stable. the owner can pull the plug at any time and you lose everything.

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OH I should note, this is for PC not console.

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You could start with us on 26.07. 4pm CEST if you want to. We are aiming on newbie-friendly athmosphere where you can build your own little castle or something else. You could take part in events and learn the game mechanics. We try to take the game relaxed and dont want to force the players to be online through “no offline raiding”. You also get a starter protection. We also have restricted raiding times so most of the time you are raid-safe.

Plus we dont use any mods so you wouldnt get flooded with stuff. If youre interested you can join our discord server to get more informations:


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