[EU] new players looking for RP-PvP server

Hello everyone! New players here.

We are two roleplayers who have just hopped into the game and now looking for a server to call home!
Since there are no official RP-PVP servers here, I thought, maybe there was one that likeminded community of players had occupied and now it’s the “official unofficial” RP-PVP hub in Conan Exiles? This happens in other games, so we have hope to find it here as well!

Here is what we want and what we don’t:

  • PVP ruleset. We want bloodbath in the open world that would also make sense.

  • Original Exiles map and lore.

  • No modification\customization. We want to explore the game as it is.

  • Default XP and harvest rates, for the same very reason.

  • No season wipe. We want a stable permanent server where we could develop our characters and their stories over years.

  • Community that also plays for the immersion. We expect to see nicknames that make sense and talk to people we encounter no matter if they’re friendly or hostile.

  • English speaking community.

  • Global chat disabled. We roleplay everything and play In Character, so we only use the Local channel and we don’t want to read the Global that may ruin our immersion. At least we want a community that will not flood the Global channel with constant IRL gibberish and metagame.

  • Player built villages, server wide story arcs, clan wars - all that would be super nice, so we would definitely settle on a server that supports this kind of RP culture.

  • We do not want RP as in D&D (with rolling dice and such). We want to play the game as it is and fight in PvP when we choose to fight! For us whatever players do already looks like good RP, we only don’t want them to mention the real world while playing.

  • The only mod we wouldn’t mind is something that would give us speech bubbles.

We understand that such server may just not exist, but probably there is one that matches most of the criteria and the community feels mostly as described above? We would definitely hop on such server and support the immersive playstyle ourselves.

What may keep us away from unofficial servers is they are customized and may potentially wipe at any time. But if there are some stable ones that proved themselves over time and also have a solid community and not too many customizations, we would definitely consider such an option!

Any tips and suggestions will be much appreciated.
Have a good time you all, and don’t forget to wash your hands!


I think you’d be hard pressed to find these specifications without mods.

You could open your own but it comes with pros and cons. The biggest cons being cost and player acquisition/retention.

Good luck though, Facebook Conan and Reddit are great places to find servers imo


Thanks for your reply, and yes - I have been struggling searching for the game experience described and the community for years, trying different games.

I’m playing now on Fata Morgana rp server, it has one mod though, but the rest looks just what I’ve been wanting.

Anyway I’m gonna follow your advice and see what I can find on Reddit and on Facebook. Will you be kind and share links to the communities I must become aware of? I’m really not good in all this stuff.