Greetings to you all

I wish you a fine day.

I am looking for a server which is based on the original Conan lore but also fitting the original Exiled lands the developers had created.

Let me explain further, please;

There would be many clans with diplomatic relations or at war with eachother. The clans would be looking for fresh clanmates that can aid them for building (defender style) or growing and raiding (aggressive style) or avoiding direct contact with other clans (nomad style) at the same map.

The roleplay would be through playing the game real time, and sharing roles ,actively, at clan settlements and roaming the map itself at times.

Is there any server that takes roleplay actively practiced in the game ? (Where each player has a meaningfull role, practiced real time in the game)

Is there any experienced pvp roleplayer Admins that can actually balance the properties of a server. Horses, big cats, Gods, Alchemy; but also wiping the server (at least partially) as if a natural disaster (earthquake, fload, landslide) hits the settlements at times, to avoid the lag problem we are all aware of)

Thank you very much.