Starting New Server Looking for help!

Over the this year, I plan to be setting up a conan exiles server. This server will be very different then most servers available. This server will be a more Hard Core approach to the game. For me Conan is a world of Brutality and violence, booty and Legend. I would like to make this game reflect this by making fundamental changes to the mechanics of the game as well as its flow. Eating drinking and $#&*(!@ should not consume the majority of your time in this game.

I want to create a whole custom campain for this world, I would like to get a few well interested people to put there creative power together with me to help create a world full of customs quests and intrigue, events and community. Nothing is set in stone, So if you feel really strongly about making changes feel free to argue them to me. I am open to any idea, but I have a core group of Idea’s for the direction of the server.

Core Idea #1
Everyone starts at maximum level from initial spawn. This will make sense when you actually start playing on the server.

Core Idea #2
Damage will be drastically increased to realism levels. Making conflict dire both with man and beast. There will be alot of tweaking but I feel we can get there.

Core Idea #3
A world filled with quests and missions, rewards for great risk and co operation and bravery. I will be working the whole year to fill the world with content. I also hope to have a few others who are also interested in this kind of work. I envision that after a year of work, we will have a very interesting and fun server to show for it.

Core Idea #4
I would like to have a Light/Casual/ role-play community that is 18+ Years of age enforced. With adult themes and a mature content. for all player interactions quests and NPC’s as well

Core Idea #5
We will use mods, Its essential to achieve our goals.

Please come to my discord, and leave a message and start a conversation, H T T P

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