Pc New server Forgotten exiles

My wife and i Have a Conan exiles server, We have had it for awhile. Direct connect:
P.C. 70 People Capacity 60 tickrate.
If you like to build, Even fight, this would be a good server for you.Its is PVP, my wife doesnt like to fight, I Dont mind a pasting now and then. NO toxicity. There is enough of that in the real world. Its 4x ,xp 4x gather.
Max clan size of 6 atm. Roleplay is welcomed. We Are running alot of mods atm, Geared towards, building, cosmetics, and thralls , Level 300 mod is there too. Heres the modlist atm from the server:


Rules are simple,Dont block off main areas, dungeons etc… use common sense (dont be a dick). Have a good time. D/c available @ https://discord.gg/QCuD6P7