New PVP Server On The way


Hi Conan Exile players :D. Me and my friend rent a server so we could play without someone hosting and need to be online 24/7 lol. So in this server we plan to make it like official server but with improve taming time and resource gathering since we want to finish the game too. you guys are allowed to join our server and its pvp. don’t worry about us raiding or attacking as we will not do that. we will play fair and you are allowed to raid us also like any other people. of course we will defend and fight back if that happen and will play fair that’s why we make it pvp. we also put raiding time so don’t worry
i will post the server IP and name when everything is ready. we are planning to make open it on sunday/monday. everyone will start fresh including us. hope to see some new players too or even veterans and free to help us ingame :smiley:

If you want to suggest something feel free to join our discord and also for more info.

[CAN] Gamerz 10x All/Hardcore/3mods/NoGods [3/31/2019]

For more info:

Still checking some things but you are free to join now. we might restart everything if things are not balance.