New Server require help from players!

Hello , few days a go i have tried to play some unofficial servers and when i entered i have seen they have changed the game in a good way,its a great idea but i have seen a lot of changing rules of game play on Funcom rules, like… you need to speek with a admin to raid a base, or to make a emote to start a pvp fight … and i was like (WTF) . So i was thinking to start a server 30slots for the moment , once we have 30/30 i will increase by 10 and so on.

And the best servers are made by players not by 1 admin and his friends.
I will leave here my opinion about how i want to create the server mechanics and some tiny rules.
If you want to help , to build a nice and a decent server please send me message and lets do it.
If you agree with me , i created a discord server for now to debate everything about server.

1.Rules: All the conan rules,maybe we can add more and debate others on discord.
2.Buildings: Yes , i agree with some limits and building things, i don`t want to see smelters everywhere or foundation just to keep the spot.
3.PVP: All the time, you can kill or get killed the life is hard. You will NOT lose the items when you die.
4. Building PvP: i like how conan exile work with hours activation, maybe in weekend to be a extended time.
5.Superpower gods , to be discuted after.

Discord server :

Mods list:
Less building restriction
Thrall War Dungeon
Dungeon master Tools

Server Settings:
Clan Max Size = 5

Player Xp Rate Multiplier = 3.0
Harvest Amount Multiplier = 2.0
Thrall Crafting Time Multiplier = 2.0

Time-Restrict PvP Building Damage:
Weekdays buildings are safe all day (Monday to Friday).
Weekends Start 17:00 End 23:00 (Saturday and Sunday).