Looking for players to join server(PC, PVP, 15 slots)

Hello! I’ve got a Conan server in desperate need of some activity. It’s completely mod-less. Thirst, hunger, crafting time, thrall conversion time, crafting resource requirements have been reduced to make the base game a little more approachable and enjoyable. Join the discord and share some of your builds and experiences.
Server Info: IP: Password: ghoulash
Server name: Brimstone

Looks like I can’t share the discord link. Bummer.

For anyone that joined, server resets will have to happen after 2pm Central time after an update to the game.

why no mods? even if you don’t want anything extreme there are still plenty of quality of life mods out there.

i’ve played on servers with mods before and whenever Funcom updates the game, mods cause all kinds of issues.

fair enough, well i may as well check out the server then c:

so the server info may be wrong, says connection timed out server could not be found

try searching for “brimstone”

If you search “BrimstoneCE” on discord, you should find the discord server for this server.

hej i was desperatly trying to find your discord / conan server. i would love to take part in your server. but i couldnt found it. have you closed the server? can you add me on discord ? DonHuan #5638 or on Steam https steamcommunity com id CptBabs
(CptBabs / DonHuan)