Seeking US-based communities or players for [mostly] vanilla play

Okay, so… I’m just trying to find some chill folks to enjoy Conan with. My normal circles aren’t really into it or don’t have time anymore and I’m just not ready for the public server experience.

I’ve currently got a PVE server going with only a few minor mods (Cosmetics, UI and Pickup) but sadly it has gone ghost town on me. At this point, I’ll take new players, a larger group - whatever. Your server, mine; PVE or PVP; fresh reboot, whatever. I’m flexible.

I’m US east and keep fairly standard hours, so anything outside of US times would defeat the purpose and I’m looking for as vanilla an experience as possible (though Pickup is a godsend); no increased XP or gather rates, no speedy thrall or pet taming.