Softcore like PVE 2x exp/5x Harvesting need people

Due to low server population, im shutting it down.

server name - " ExileD_ojjt.net_PVE2x "

as requested online

Struggling, to recruit players.

So i simply ask, is it the name ?. the Server settings or just to much to choose from ?. im curious and im definetly looking for more players and the server will stay online for some time.

i have fixed a auto backup and upgrade script. autostartup script etc.

hello Krigzor
i’ve been playing Conan at launch, I liked it.
now i’d like to play it again, looking for servers.
yours sounds nice, no problem with the name or settings.
I think that I’ll pay you a visit soon.
cya !

How’s it coming along on your server? Lots of people? What are the rules? Thanks