Official server: Admins please make rules more detailed and less confusing!

So I have returned to Conan exiles after 3 years (in the mean time I was hosting private server and had clustered pvp servers) and I have read all the rules about building, but still got wiped by Admin and then banned from official server.

You guys need to write a bit more detailed what and where is not allowed to build and what for you is “game content” since you and I know that game content in UE is pretty much everything on a level. I called you directly to Norway to discuss this with you, but the guy on another side said you’ll call me back (I knew this is not going to happen) and you didn’t. So I’m trying my luck here.

How do you intend to keep players when you are wiping bases without any warnings?

Again I am asking you to write better and more detailed rules of what you see as “game content” and which places are forbidden to build.

Another thing is “performance laggy bases”. Me as software engineer and with a really good PC can’t tell what is “performance laggy bases” for you. Either set some rules that you can’t build roof on a hatch with 4 fences around or set some limit to building pieces on PVP servers. All private servers have this set and it works perfectly.

Take private servers as a good example how rules are applied there and you will ease life of your administrators and also of players on official servers.

Hoping to see better rules soon!

Oh and also stop banning people for these kind of offenses, because eventually you will ban all players. I have heard a story when you banned level 20!!! person who just joined official server and this person for sure read ToS and because your ToS is confusing this person was banned…

My story…you banned 10 players (2 of them weren’t even playing, but were just in a clan and played for maybe 1 hour on our day 1) when we had a base of 6k building pieces. You never provided any info why we all got banned and I am sure we weren’t griefing, webbing, blocking bosses, dungeons, etc. because all we had was a base on that bridge.

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