About the rules of the official server

Currently, official servers are tightly controlled by ambiguous rules.
Many of my friends were restricted from logging in and lost their assets without being told why.
Players who are aware of this situation are confused.
That’s because we don’t know how much state is a rule violation.
Is it appropriate for strict punishment to be given when the rules are not clear?

This is not a personal request.
Please allow us to discuss this subject.


Its been discussed ad nauseum.


I agree
Funcom always gives macro answers

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If I remember right one of the forum moderators mentioned they were going to compile a more focused and direct example of the rules that they had previously posted but that was some time ago, hopefully soon we’ll get an update as I’m also a little worried about if my builds are considered too much and cause enough for a ban… I don’t think they are but based on claims some players have made I can’t be sure haha

If I can find the post/response from the forum moderator I’ll post it here.
EDIT: Never mind I can’t find it, maybe I was just thinking of the update to the walls and villages post?

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i have a simple solution
dont play on officials

The rules are pretty simple:

Any base can be wiped/banned, all it takes is for somebody to report it.

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