State of PVP Ban/Suspension for building violations continued

As Dana went and closed the other thread where I do agree there was off track posts that could have just been pruned. I feel there were a lot of excellent suggestions so I have opened this one to continue the positive discussion of what is a significant problem in PVP.

I personally dispute Dana’s end statement before they censored the topic and respectfully request they do not further censor discussions where the community is trying to express legitimate grievances.

For transparency here is their full statement before they closed the thread (also you spelt information wrong):

Greetings Everyone,

As mentioned many times before, all player reports are first investigated and if the team finds any evidence of rules being broken, a suspension or a ban (depending on the gravity of the offence) will be given to the offending clan/player.

The team is not just giving suspensions or bans without investigating and verifying the validity of the report.

If you have any additional question regarding the status of your own account, please feel free to reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to provide you with the inforamtion.

As for the official servers rules, you can check them our here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures
Also feel free to check out this post on abusive land claim: Land Claim Abuse on Official Servers

We are always working on improving and adding even more clarity to the rules so please keep an eye out for that.

Where we are at is the desire for the banning and suspension to cease for building violations, it is entirely heavy handed and not required unless there is a grievous violation. It does nothing to build the community and quite frankly in PvP has created paranoia as we are uncertain what constitutes a good build as the linked thread is vague and incomplete and certainly does NOT mention POIs. Simply deleting offending structures and a message sent to a player as to why that building was a violations should be sufficient in nearly all cases. There will be exceptions and certainly some people should face suspensions or banning but learning requires knowledge and a chance to grow can only occur if they continue to be a Conan’s Exiles player.

We also came to an agreement that whatever build rules there are, they NEED to be accessible in game or a link to the forum IN game. You cannot ban people for things they don’t know.

Which brings me to a question. Most of the stacking violations I have seen of late have been from Chinese players, are the build rules on the forum listed in Chinese or for that matter any language other than English? Are there options for people to read these forums in their native languages or are we being western centric and banning people having never provided them with the rules (however damn vague they are) in their native language?

If so that borders on racist or is just straight up racist, and if so you need to address that IMMEDIATELY as that is not OK!

I and many dispute your claim Dana that these tickets are thoroughly investigated and either you are being deceitful or not fully aware of the claims. There are multiple examples people have cited where this is has been denied and I many have provided the receipts in the form of email chains where a ticket is raised the initial ban reason is updated and then the ticket is subsequently closed with nothing but a throw away line saying the details of investigations are not shared. This is NOT good enough. Better transparency please.

I think that is it for me.

I would very much appreciate if we can all either add to the discussion positively from here. (also no just closing discussions around serious problems Funcom, not cool)

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@Dana closed the thread for good reason and your solution is to open another on the same topic? Now you’re even dictating what Funcom can and can’t do and calling them racist? Brilliant! This thread will obviously be closed as well and if you keep it up you will find yourself banned from the forum. The only “significant problem in PvP” I see, is that you can’t seem to follow rules or use common sense.

So facts,

i did may be 20 reports in past of clear cheating, which means IE pictures of undermeshbase with world coordinates to teleport here, those reports have not been treated and closed. (but before the new policy that occured somewhere near september 2021, i did may be 40 reports about cheaters that have been treated with fc action to punish them)

at the same time i experienced two bans for land claim building, first one on a server populated with 30 legits players, than a gang of 5 players jumped in and raided everyone, using speed hack, third party hack program allowing to be nearly in god mode that i personnaly reported to fc in private more than 1 year ago.

and i am not the only to experienced the ban, all legit players of the servers have been ban (+20), the only one who had not have been were the one who raided everybody and used hack, and as even in cheating they were not able to find all the loot probably thet did report to make ban everyone. and you know what, when ban was lifted, we find their skybase, which is floating base at he limit of the world build in using a bug fun no ?

second ban, well at least this time a little bit different, 15 players jumping on a server, using 2 clans, raiding everyone but at least without cheating. then reporting after everybody, which resulted in a ban of 25+ players legit for building issues that were not an issue for normal players playing on this server. same than in first case they got the remaining loot from decay. those one are really organized cheaters, using 40+ different id, and glitch unknow, that seem abitility to make despaswn body with inventory (body reappear with server restart, but each time they connect few mn doing all id to do something that make deseappear all their body before pvp time). do they use hack too ? yes but very smart hack to locate body, chests, and speedhack when they need, in using a character outside any clan.

did i do a new report, yes for sure with a video showing use of the speedhack, giving all id that took me day and days to find, 7 days after still no news even with videos showing the speedhack.

and i come here and still see dozens of thread about normal base been wiped even a thread that describe precisely how funcom is abused by cheaters clans…that rule pvp server and make quit normal players of this game. so what are you defending, closing eye on the hack/cheating problem, forbide to have a positive discussion (because zendesk do not allow it) with the responsible of this policy ? no one is responsible ? that the zendesk software ?

so question is who is responsible ? name ? because zendesk dont give any solution or answer ? in past we had nammed interlocutors that allowed to deal with professional cheaters that run on pvp server, those names were in exemple especially hugo, and or ignasis, and it was working even if it was lot of work. now with zendesk there is no more real communication, and people on the other hand of line clearly do not share any responsabilty; so who is responsible ?

i played both on europeans and asians servers, i can swear you that chinese will never do what europeans do, the most toxic cheaters are in europe, and they use false chinese name with their dfifferents accounts if you dont know there is a black market of id steam with conan, that you can buy with few cents, or euros. it’s why some very well organized cheaters clan use more than 100 differents ID, and they flood report system using all their id.

have you ever encoutered this kind iof organized cheaters and do you know of what you are talking ? because first post is really reasonnable, and of commun sense.have you ever experienced a ban because a cheater clan, in addition of the hack they use, abused the report system ?