Majors Conan Exiles Server 18+ RP -NO PVP

Hello Adventurers,

Me and a friend started up a new conan server. We are both seasoned players and enjoy light RP and building and doing stuff together. We both would enjoy some more people on the server to play with and hang out with and wanted to see if maybe listing it would get some people interested in joining. As i mentioned before the server is mainly light RP and just about hanging out and having fun. We are both very relaxed people and would like people who are layed back themselfs. Basicly there is no set rules on the server besides being 18+ be nice and have fun. If you are interested in joining us and get ready for 3.0, you can contact me via my mail adres: please use email topic “Conan Server” and in the email take a little time to tell me who you are where you are from. I will respond to everyone that mails and i will debate with my friend who will get a pass and who doesnt.

Hope to see you soon!