[PC] [PVE-C] Conan Exiles and Stuff - 2x all, PVP 24/7, no building damage

Conan Exiles & Stuff is a newish PVE-C server (PVP is available 24/7, but building damage is turned off) created in late December ago and is still open to new members! We run a some mods, mostly for quality of life and creation of cool designs. We have an easy going player base so far and would like to keep it that way. This is a perfect time to get in and join a clan or stake out your favorite spot and bring some friends along.

There have been some quality of life setting changes such as (slightly faster exp/resources/crafting) but nothing too outlandish, along with helpful players and admins.

We are a new server and are open to suggestions to keep it fun and interesting. Join us, be part of the community and make your voice heard!

There Are Two Main Rules:
Don’t be a peepeehead. Respect your fellow players. We don’t police chat very much, but outright abuse will not be tolerated.
Don’t grief. Yes, PVP is available 24/7. Competing with someone for obsidian? Sure, kill 'em. Want to stalk and kill someone for whatever reason? Sure, do it. But don’t pick on lowbies, don’t build stuff just to mess up other people’s bases or block resources. Basically don’t do things that drive people away from the game. Fighting is great, but if you simply crush your enemies to dust or make them not want to play then the server will be a lonely place for you.

PVP: 24/7
Structure Damage: None
Exp Rate: 2.0x
Resource Rate: 2.0x
Thrall Breaking: 0.5 (2x as fast)
Fuel Burn: 2.0x (Twice as long)
Spoil Rate: 0.5x
Stamina Cost: 0.7x
Crafting Time: 0.6x (almost double)
Death: Drop all
Avatars Disabled
Map rooms at obelisks

Discord here: https://discord.gg/4Xcvn3g

Mod list: https://steamcommunity.com/id/honoraryorange/myworkshopfiles/?section=collections

Server IP: <-- Put this into Direct connect in game OR…
Steam quick connect: steam://connect/ <— Just paste this into your browser to load right into our server!

Is the player list visible?

No (only after speaking), but we’ve been thinking of making it visible. We aren’t really a hardcore server so people aren’t too concerned about remaining hidden.

I’ve been playing here and really enjoy it. I will suggest you keep the player list hidden. I will be hunting players later and if I know someone is on it will be unfair.

But I really enjoy the server and the mod list. I love pvp without building damage.

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take me to the top.

Lots of awesome building going on lately. Some arenas built for people to play in. And maybe fodder for the killing? Come find out!

Good times and addicting game play.