Conan Nights [RP/PVP] [PC] [NA] [2x XP/Harvest] [Mods]

Hey Exiles!

We made this server because we wanted players to be able to join an RP friendly server that isn’t to restrictive, but also has enough guidelines to ensure that no one is being grieved. We are open to all types of players, from those who take RP very seriously with a lot of backstory (we love that), the wandering solo players, to the clans that have been together for years.

We do not allow Gods to be summoned, however we encourage the traditional way of raiding, pillaging, and killing. You will lose stuff on this server, bases will be destroyed, and players will be killed. Anything can happen in Conan Exiles, come together, forge alliances, and conquer!

Please find your way down to the rules and server information for more details on our server!

Server Direct connect:

Server Name: Conan Nights RP/PVP

Server Time Zone: Central

Server player cap: 60 Players

Player XP multiplier: 2x

Player harvesting multiplier: 2x

Gods: Not enabled.

Max Clan Size: 5 clan members

Weekday raid schedule: 6PM EST - 1 AM CST

Weekend raid schedule: 10 AM EST - 2AM CST.

Daily server reboots every 24 hours 3AM CST



  1. Pippi
  2. CharEditLite -
  3. Less Building Placement Restrictions (No NPC camps)
  4. LBPR - Fish and shell trap bug fix
  5. Savage Steel

Great server! Join the struggle!

Fun server so far. Active community, no toxicity tolerated!

So far about two weeks into the server, a great community has already formed! Come check us out!

I love this server so much. lots of Friendly people. and very active admin.

This is a sick server. Still pretty new so lots of potential, but has a consistent core of players.