Conan Nights PVP 2x Harvest/xp

Conan Nights Light RP 2x XP/Harvest

New RP-PVP server started May 27th. Our community is growing fast and we have a number of dedicated players. Our server rank has been steadily rising on battlemetrics.

We’re looking for new players and clans to ramp up the conflict and help bring out the pvp! There’s still many great locations to build!

No avatars. No wipes. Scheduled raid hours daily. Active admins, friendly community. Server settings tweaked for better quality of life without changing the underlying game.

Rules geared to prevent toxic behavior but allow players to play however they see fit. Admins do NOT interfere with normal game activities and only investigate rules violations and help with technical issues.

Join our discord for information, rules, and direct connect. Come check it out and join the struggle!

Less Building Placement Restrictions
Savage Steel