WhoDnee [PC] [PVP] FRESH NEW SERVER 10x EXP / 4x Harvest

Brand new server

Discord: https://discord.gg/d5swVv

Direct Connect: steam://connect/

IP: Port: 7797


Mods - PIPPI, better building thingy.

Raid hours 6pm-10pm Central Time.

10x Exp and 4x Harvest.

Admins online to fix any issues and bugs they do NOT interfere with your business.

Weekend events.

Average players 10 primetime.

Great for new or returning players. You wont get ran off the server the second you make your first base BUT if you go looking for PVP/Raiding you will definitely find it here.

Note: I dont own or have any affiliation with the server / admins, I just started playing here after my homies and I got wrecked on two different servers same day. We had the comfort of getting established and now are enjoying the end game, only been messed with slightly.