2 exiles Looking For PS4 PvP (RP) mature community to call home


Me and my friend got the game in April and we’re not far from declaring it love at first sight. Conan is our first genre experience. We’re both in our early thirties, EU based, with a long history of gaming behind us and looking for a community of mature players.

The official server experience was quite allright untill some clan with a huge amount of time on their hands started a big war with us because we stood up against them and their obelisk ganking strategies. We think killing people while in their loading screen is a bad move. So we started building an alliance. The thing is we really don’t have the time to make Conan Exiles our life mission and police the server.

I am quite a builder geek so I would love to share my efforts with the community and give a hand with any common buildings that you want to build or dungeons, infrastructure etc. My friend loves being a Thrall Master and owning an army of ladies dancers.

So, we are looking for a pvp server where people are not all mad bombers, with some decent harvesting bonuses that reduce the chore but still keep the survival flavour alive. If it gets trivial it won’t be fun anymore, you know what I mean. Also, another concern is clutter and rules about building. We’d like to have a base in a secluded area, and not find 10 castles per square.

Also, I was thinking to create some sort of RP pvp scenarios. Maybe you already developed this but I could contribute with great pleasure. Also, we are not necessarily looking for lots of perks like map rooms or starter kits. We are the kind of people that like to work hard so we are ok if you are an admin somewhere in the early stages of building a great community. We can be part of that as well. It’s a lot more important to have a positive attitude and a vision for the future.

Let us know what you think and maybe there is room on your server for us.

PS. We are GMT and GMT+2. UTC+1 and UTC +3 if I got that right :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks.

Hi you might be interested in our server “The Herd Lands” we have players from all over and most of the core group of players are adults that just wanted to play the game without all the toxic stress we found on a lot of the other servers.
We recently switched to an open game (no password) so most of the map is still up for grabs and we have active admins so if you need any help its just an ask away.
Hope to see you soon in The Herd Lands


I started a new server with some of my friends.
PVP - EU - 40 slots - Active discord - Active Admin - Events

As admin i have build 3 Event buildings.
1 maze dungeon. 1 colloseum. 1 arena that’s changed weekly. If u like to build and have fun ideas u can always help me out.
We help each other a lot, and there is some PVP - Raiding here and there but not much.

Feel free to join our discord and get to know our community.
Can also add me on psn: mpcelroy

Server name:
Summer is here / 2x / new / admin / events / shop


Thanks. Will check both servers and get back with an answer.