✦ exiles of eden

Hello Exiles!

We’re a dedicated group of friends from an Organization/Community(2 years strong!) on Garry’s Mod and we’re slowly leaking into other games, most importantly here on Conan Exiles. We’ve made a hefty purchase towards a quality host and we’re looking forward to developing our community here on Conan Exiles. Many of our members are slowly purchasing the game and joining us on our endeavors, and we’ve set up a fairly relaxed server focused on PvP / Light RP.

However, we need a playerbase. We’re going to be constantly scouting and searching for new people to join us, but also looking for dedicated and experienced people to help us shape and form our community here on Conan. We’ve noticed there’s a lack of non-toxic PvP servers, and we hope in the future we can develop a more complex clan/territory/raiding system, but we need your help in doing so!

✦✦✦ Discord: 3J6kM4u
✦✦✦ Connection:

• New player friendly • Quality Host/No server wipes • Relaxed (non toxic) PvP (optional light RP) • Fresh server/season • (4x)XP/(3x)Harvest Multiplier • Scheduled events

(P.S. if you have any ideas on how else we can spread the word, any help would be greatly appreciated. join our discord and get to know us, nonetheless!)