New player looking for a server Please help!

Can someone recommend a server for me?
I am looking for:
Exiled Lands
Roleplay is great but not a deal breaker
Not heavily modded because I like the challenge. Cosmetic stuff is cool but making it too easy kinda ruins it for me. I dont want to feel like I am cheating.
PVP is ok as long as there are some kind of rules like no KOS and time restrictions. PVE and PVE-C is ok too.
A admin that will be somewhat active.
A active, laid back community that have people you can go adventure with.
A discord server

If anyone knows a good fit please help! I am racking my brain trying to find a good server. Ive been playing mainly single player but its somewhat lonely.

Official age of calamitous hosted server is my go to. It has got the stuff you are looking for. It’s kinda hardcore on the leveling, but it’s a Nice community

Hello, How’s it going? My friends and I have a new server that basically fits your description perfectly. We have a Discord with active moderators for the Conan server. The Server is new so you will be one of the few people playing while we promote to get more people. We try and help anyone in the game. I have 1200 hours in the game myself. When we get enough people we plan to have server events etc… The Server type is PVE-C with no changes to the server. I’ve included the server IP and Discord. Hope to see you there Exile

You’re welcome to contact me if you have any questions.


Hey there, I recently made this new server, and if don’t mind that come and join the discord to check us out.


The Exiled Kingdoms
A new RP/PvP Server with AoC based in NA. We want to provide a casual RP experience without taking too much away from PvP while using the Age of Calamitous mod. With minimum mods and a great dedicated machine, we can provide high-performance experience. Come and join us and help shape this new community into something special.

Server Name: The Exiled Kingdoms NA RP/PvP fresh 10/8
-Starting Kits
-Player economy
-Quests (coming soon)
-Events (coming soon)

Mod List: Order them as seen on the link and below

Hosav’s UI Mod
Age of Calamitous
Unlock Plus

Server Settings of Note
Map: Exile Lands
Player Slots: 40
EXP Rate: 3x
Harvest Rate: 2x
Increased crafting speeds
Increased Taming Speed for Thralls/Pets
24/7 PvP
Dynamic Raiding active: 60min logout timer
Drop Items on Death: True
Bodies Stay Logged In: True
Max Clan Size: 6
Avatars: Disabled
Purge: Enabled (but takes longer to trigger a purge)
Decay: Disabled but admins will cleanse any player’s buildings if inactive for 10 days.

Join Discord for complete connection info

I posted a few below you, looking for players over at Rise of the Overlords

Best of luck to you as a new player. I can’t really point you to a server but I would suggest from experience avoid anything with the mods: Exile Extreme, Conan Sexiles, or any body mod that has working genitals. The people on those server tend to be lonely pathetic deviants with absolutely no morals whatsoever.
Also try and avoid servers running Age of Calamitous simply because of the heaps of benches, refinement etc you need and having factions that game play wise are clearly superior to others do to the items they have access to. It is not balanced at all and has no respect for player time investment.

I have Exiles Extreme on my modded servers. We just have the crazy 20 inch long horse dong and what not disabled. The mod adds good thing for gameplay when you block the ridicules stuff.