Looking to find someone to go out adventuring with and do the "story"

Im kinda new to the game and I want to discover the mystery of the Exiled Lands while in game and not cheat by reading it online. Anyone interested in setting up or inviting me to a server/clan that has someone like minded? We could come up with a schedule of some sort so we can try to level up together. I got this game to play with someone IRL to do this but they didnt enjoy the game as much and pretty much quit. Dont get me wrong the PVP and the Building/Farming is also fun but Im having trouble finding someone interested in exploring the story. I’ve joined other servers but with servers that vary wildly, the game being 2 years old, and limits to amount of players per server it seems what I am looking for is in the minority.

The story of this game is pretty cool.
Although it is not a linear game and focused on the story, if you take the lines, you will come across something very cool.
You have to pay close attention to the smallest details … Description of the weapons, tables of power that tell part of the story, the speech of the npcs.
Conan is a very good setting and they did a great job fitting the exiled lands premise together with the canon.
Unfortunately I am unable to join you on this trip, but I hope you will find an adventure companion.
Maybe on some Roleplay server that uses the game’s story (many create their own stories, most of the time not very good) or maybe you find what you’re looking for on a PVE server.

Good luck.

It would be worth saying which region you play in - time zones vary largely around the world and this would prevent many people from being able to play with you.

I play on official PVE server in Oceania and would be more than happy to run & explore with you. I wouldn’t start my character from scratch though. I’d be more like a tag along that helps you out but won’t step infront of your journey or spoil anything.

If you find a good official server, ask in chat for help or a tag along. We help lots of players on our server & i’m sure there’s other servers out there like that.

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