Friends looking for a new RP home! (PC)

Small group of friends (3-5) looking for a new Conan Exiles roleplaying home. We have been searching all over to find a RP server that is predominantly in-game, voice-based RP and are finding it hard to locate any. Most are all text or 95% text RP…or spend most of the time talking OOC in global. For us, OOC is what Discord is for.

We all have many years of RP experience under our belts, are laid back, respectful and just want a new place to call home.

Looking for a server that promotes that RP. Doesn’t necessarily have to be PVE, but if there is PVP or PVE-C, then would like it to be RP driven conflict and not just KOS for no reason.

Any suggestions out here?

We have a few players that like voice RP, but we arent predominatly voice :frowning: Ive heard thats a hard one to find now