Looking for a Quality Voice Rp Server!

I’ve primarily stuck with text based whitelisted rp servers for most of my time on Conan Exiles even way before full release. Its a time consuming process even if it is rewarding, but it takes some serious dedication and work. I have friends I’d like to get into the rp scene now however, and it probably goes without saying that unless you enjoy lore, you don’t want to deal with that style. On the other hand, I don’t want the rp experience that is ten year olds ree-ing and constant mod drama.
I just want a voice rp server founded on the same principle as most text based rp servers. REH lore, fun and inventive storytelling, and a fun community to support the goal. If you feel you have a server like that, or know one, please, do let me know!
Myself and friends are based in US West, but it does not mean I wouldn’t be open to US East, or even EU if need be. My main goal is just to find a good server first (Not to blow up and act like I don’t know nobody)