Seriously every RP server I get on has some completely ■■■ obsessed deviant freaks on it. Litterally every one I have found so far. The last one was by far the worst one I have seen so far with the transexual minotaur clan with futa fetish that felt the need to post screen shots and videos directly into their discord. The one prior to that was almost as bad. Is there a RP server out there that exists where these sick f***s will be banned immediately? On that isn’t packed full of elves, or vampires or some other cliche garbage and sticks close to Howard lore where a Pict would KOS a Cimmerian just because they were a Cimmerian. Where a Zimmorian would avoid direct conflict, sneak in and steal your stuff without leaving a trace that they were even there? ETC. One where lore and story matter less than some crazy pervs idea of RP? If so let me know about it please.


I signed up on this just to respond to this and hope someone will recommend a decent server. The AOC mod and lore-breaking RP is terrible.

Couldnt agree more. Most RP servers I have found dont stick to the Conan Lore, have Erotica crapt on it, and either no mods or has a ton of mods and some of them just poorly done or balance breaking.

That is the idea I have on my server, although I am reforming it to Siptah, and tweaking the mods for better crafting.

I also dont like “LotR/World of Warcraft/etc” races and practices introduced in Conan Exiles, leaving the lore of Conan to say what happens.

I agree that most RP servers are better described as ERP servers, and regular RP people would not find them very suitable, but I have been in some servers (not mine) in which people are just “regular Conan World builders”, and nice people to play with, unfortunately I cant point any that still running, because these servers usually have low populations and are therefore not much of an incentive to fund them.

As my server is not funded for play or fame sake, and I have it mostly to host my mods, it can be empty and it will still be funded there, like “some” others, I dont care about banning people because their behavior or “freedom of speech” is not of my liking.

5 things about my server though:

  • building is restricted, so players must live where I have built, or be allowed to build individually by me
  • Settings are tunned for highest possible NPC damage, so a new player will most likely die if they face 2 or 3 NPCs at once
  • Death is final. If you die, you have to make a new character and start over.
  • You have no map. You have to memorize the place, or have a “map” in your alt tab or mobile. This is mostly to enhance RP and remove “electronic aid” in finding yourself. I like the idea of getting lost and having to strive to find your way
  • I am not sure but inclined to also remove the nameplate feature, as people might have to be knowing each other in order to “know each other”.

If it is something interesting, you can reach me on discord (it is a mostly safe place to chat, also), and I might change or make something up in the server if suggested.

And I am more or less always around, so it is easy to reach me there.