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Let me begin with I am looking for an RP server. With that I have now tried quite a few of the currently listed servers and from them have grown a list of questions perhaps the community at large can answer. First question is regarding the common mods that I see on RP servers. I have read REH’s books and seen the original films. I never got into the comics but generally considered them to be non-canonical anyway. Did I miss the part where the Hyborian Age was mostly BDSM and fetishes? I mean sure he did not shy away from ‘barbarian life’ but why is this so prevalent? It’s like being on a Conan themed Second Life island. Along the same lines is the inclusion of mods that provide anything from Lord of the Rings gear and lightsabers to the ability to become a werewolf or pixie. Over the years I have run into a fair share of those who enjoy roleplaying all sorts of things. What interested me was that so many of the RP servers feature these mods.

My second question regards multipliers. I also have noticed that private servers love XP, harvest, and other various multipliers. No real issue with that. It does beg the question of why are these still just as common on RP servers? How exactly does one roleplay the fact that they just got cut down from a cross half-dead and suddenly they are level 60 with in a couple of hours? What is the RP for I can harvest several tons of fiber or ore with just a couple swings and then somehow players can walk around with thousands of pounds stuffed in their loin cloth? (yeah I threw that one in their on purpose for the cheap seats)

Everyone has the right to their own style of roleplay of course. I just got to the point after my umpteenth “RP server” why I kept running into the same generally oversexed Comic Con gathering where the laws of physics don’t exist.

Stranger: Who are you?
Me: I am Shadex, of Aquilonia.
Stranger: I am Kongdong69 and you are in my kingdom and are now my ■■■ slave. Put this gag in your mouth or I will have my half-Trex friend destroy you!
*Kongdong69 begins to cast magic missile

The contradiction really gives me a good giggle. They will include a mod where you have to go the bathroom but not be bothered by the fact that you can walk around with 100 sandstone foundations in your pocket. Advertisements are made that it is an RP server only to find that half the people have internet handles for character names and global chat might as well be called Barrens.

So… aside from hopefully getting some others to share their experiences and insight into Conan RP servers perhaps someone out there knows of a simple roleplay focused, REH lore specific, physics adhering, normal progression server where people won’t be running around in a leather thong with 1,000+ armor because they ‘fashioned’ their Silent Legion plate. Danko!


I do not know of a server that specifically ticks all of what you’re searching for. Granted, yours is a very reasonable list. There’s a community specifically for RPers with many different server ads both on its enjin site and Discord. If you’d like to peruse the different ads, this link will get you started.

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Roleplay servers are a special kind of … well if I say what I want to say I’ll have yet another post of mine flagged and deleted. Suffice it to say, my pvp buddies like to pull up RP servers and just look at them for a hearty laugh. I haven’t even seen one that doesn’t have sexiles installed. Describing them as second life chatrooms is super on point. I don’t know that I’ve heard of any servers that try for semi-serious roleplay with any kinds of overarching stories like a DnD campaign, but I’ll also confess that roleplay is absolutely not my cup of tea.

Good luck though, all the “roleplay” servers I see are the kind where the users all make female characters and have to clean their keyboards after every session.

I have a role-playing server that suits my tastes perfectly. It’s called “Single-Player”.

Out in the wide world, there are millions of ways to play “role-playing games”. My tabletop group has been together for 17 years, with only one person leaving the group and another recruited to replace him. Our play styles have grown together, we’ve learned to know what we like, and we have a lot of fun and few conflicts, especially when it comes to “how to role-play”.

And when I’ve described our tabletop RPG sessions to outsiders, I’ve been told that we’re doing it wrong. We’re not playing the games “like they’re meant to be played”.

I wish you good luck in your quest for a good RP server. Luck is what you’ll need if you want to run into people who role-play like you.

Much appreciated. I am glad you found a server filled with people that roleplay like you as well.

Without too shamelessly trying to advertise, I think this here is exactly what you are looking for:

A server that fills this exact niche. Lore adherent to REH-source material and admins that step on your toes if you deviate too far from it.
The focus is immersion and the whole gritty, tense setting of the Hyborian Age, with emphasis on good old human vs human culture clashes and without any magic or supernatural phenomena that are not included in the base game.

Currently running the Isle of Siptah map.
Due to the specificness of this niche, the population is rather low, but it is a clear case of quality > quantity.
(and we don’t have Sexiles :wink: )


I absolutely second what Gnadolin said.
I am also very picky, when it comes to my RP experience, and GoT checked all my boxes.
You like fear, can live with the idea of Perma-Death and RPing hostile interactions, but also friendly, realistic RP & dedication to Lore, then GoT is for you.

+1, I think you’re a good match for GoT @Shadex

And for everyone having all sorts of ideas about how weird RP servers can be: you are right! But remember that a server is just made up of the people that play in it. You play with weirdos, you will have a weird experience. You play with teenagers, well… You get the gist :wink:

(That’s what makes the application process so relevant. You won’t be admitted in that server if you don’t fit there… that’s better for you and better for them)

I have played on many, many RP servers and while many have sexiles installed and have ERP, there are many that don’t and aren’t focussed on ERP. I just started playing on role play server called Ravaged Lands for PC. Fantastic! I straight away met a role player interested in crafting long running stories.