How much server specific and backstory do you need as a role player on a server? PvP?

I prefer as vanilla to canon lore as possible, deferring to the REH written stories (and not the works taken by others to ‘posthumously collaborate’ on), and the vision of the game that the producers have stuck to which seems very well grounded in the ‘Hyborian Age’ essay Howard wrote. It just appeals to me as an RP setting, to be a prisoner in the Exiled Lands, working in a group to carve out an existence, or going at it alone. Do you cooperate with others? Do you act openly and directly hostile? Or do you try to bring others together to create some manner of civilization?

Also, I enjoy PvP in CE. But notice, like in AoC, it is quite difficult to build much of a role play base where it exists with 24/7 freedom. Any thoughts and feedback for if, how, and when PvP can exist on an RP server are very welcome. Played the game since launch but running a server I’ve learned how important it is to do more than ‘play your game’ of CE if you want to foster a server pop, so this is an issue I’d really enjoy thoughts on to consider as I get ready to wipe my server for the first and last time, remove the password, and turn it over to the RPer player base.


Oof that’s a toughy. I’m a lone wolf kind of guy but I hang out in discord chat while playing. I use mods like Thrall Wars to add additional RP-ish elements but we don’t actively RP on the server. So our group chats a lot and is pretty closeknit but we only recently have enabled PVP on the server. No one has yet started a war…


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