Am I the only one having big issues to find a cool server?

I’m trying to find a non-RP PvE or PvE-C private server with specific mods (2 popular ones but mainly found on RP servers), with a fine player population.

So far I had no luck and the only servers that could fit the bill are RP ones in EU.
But I don’t want to RP in Conan Exiles.

Hence I started a Singleplayer game, but I really miss the interaction with folks.

Anybody else having major issues to find a good server to spend your time on?

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It might be hard to recommend a good server with specific mods when we don’t know which specific mods you’re interested in :wink:

Speaking in general, I’ve heard good things about @Larathiel’s Valley of Doom and @croozi’s Conan Chaos & Chill.


You’re right, I was talking about Immersive Armor and GrimProductions which adds a lot of customization but sadly afaik it’s mainly present on RP servers. At least EU ones.

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I cant even find a remotely decent EU server atm, modded, unmodded, I am pretty flexible, I keep looking but Officials are a dumpster fire, ping is awful and most servers it seems to be presenting me lately are russian.

was the game released for free in russia or something recently?

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Do you have to RP on the RP servers? like can you not join one and play normally? as long as you aren’t a toxic person I am sure no one would notice, just RP as your self, like just join one and see how it goes, or alternatively You can make your own server relatively cheep, cant find one that is perfect then make one that is perfect.


I was thinking about it, sadly in my current situation I cannot afford a rent cost for now. But judging by the current situation and how indeed current private servers don’t fit the bill for me, it is something I might do down the road.

As for RP servers, yea you have to play the roleplay game. Otherwise you’ll get flagged and probably banned/kicked (you can’t avoid folks forever and these servers have decent player numbers).

All of them require you to create a background for your character that has to be validated by the admins lol. I mean, I have nothing against RP but I’d rather do it in a fun way in World of Warcraft (no not Goldshire) than Conan Exiles.

Yea they found out you can ride around shirtless on horses.


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