Any server with mods?


I have been browsing abit for servers & I like officials alot & those similar but w rates.
I mainly play PVP.

I am looking to try somthing new, cus I cant find any other game & I love the graphics of Conan Exiles.

So I was thinking to find a server w mods. But those I find is all but a TON of mods. Too many “SEX” or “sexy” mods to me it seems. Maybe I am looking the wrong places.

incase people have some good servers I wouldnt mind to have some shared or linked Discords if thats possible in here.

I look for;;;

  1. Active PVP - doesnt have to be raid pvp but just duels like 1v1, 1v2, 1v3 or 2v2, 3v3 etc.
  2. Mods, that improves the game (can be new armors/transmog/ No super Superior armors compared to the normal style)
  3. Armors can be sexy. No Problem. But fine if kept close Official like.
  4. No SUPER BUILDINGS. Like on the PVE places. Those that lags out everything.
  5. Active members.
  6. Perf “the exiled lands” map. But im up for other.
  7. Friendly even for pvp & raid
  8. Character mods - Like hairstyles, skintones, body.
  9. Rates atleast x3-4
  10. EUROPE
    May the rest surprise me.
    Thanks you for reading.
  • Powercandy