What server mods do you use?

I just brought up my server and I was wondering what mods you guys suggest for the server or what do you use on your server?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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oops ty

That would depend very much what sort of server you are running. PvP? PvE? RP?

Ty for the reply. I’m running a pve server.

PIPPI for server and player management
Exiled Lands Improved for weapon balancing, custom items, dual wielding, and Xotli religion

If you don’t mind me asking, if it were pvp, what mods would you do differently?

Likely the same :smiley:
Actually for PvE I’d probably add an architect mod, like Lemurian and Thrall Wars to make dungeons with their Boss-NPCs

Thanks again. I noticed there are 4 Exiled_Lands mods. Would you install all 4 of them or just the Exiled_lands_improved?

Just the Exiled Lands Improved to get the full experience

Whilst I do not use mods as I play on an official server, I’ve read Alex’s post about his exiled land mod as he’s been developing it.
He had people say that they love parts of his mods but didn’t want all aspects of it. He made seaparate mods with only those requested elements in them for people to use. Very impressive and kind of him.

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