Life in Exile (server hosted by a modder, for players that like mods) x3 harvest 30 mods PVE

Direct connect: - “Life in Exile” (LA, CA USA) PVE
Mod requests, ideas, settings tweak requests are encouraged.

Of course there are the “big four” mods of current -

Immerse & RP
Savage Steel
River Boats of the Exiled Lands

Pretty things -

Aquilonian Females
Sexy Silent Legion Armor
Fashionist (customize armor looks, armor stands)
Dye More Betterer
Strays Shorter Taller
WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain v2.0.1 (1.0 compatible)
StraysThralls (add animation to fighter/archer thralls using drama tokens)
CharEditLite mirror (full character edit as per character creation)
Emberlight vanity (a more immersive and limited character look changer)

Game Play Changes -

SP_Boss_HP (solo play boss health rebalance / reduction)
T4 Thrall Double Spawn Rate
Better Thralls (up to three following, pickup)
StraysLastRitesPlus (drop on death, but graves that do not decay)
StraysFixes (crafting epics and being able to use skeleton - world boss kill - key chests at level 30)
Pickup+ with Unlock (allows unlocking things to allow everyone access, such as a door)
x3 Harvest amount

Enhanced interface -

Compass Icon

Game Comments -

Conan Exiles mod support is excellent, second to none in my opinion. I have high regard for the effort, dedication, and work the Funcom Conan Exiles developers have done and continue to do. I feel that Conan Exiles is by far the best game I’ve played since the beginning of PC games (like back in the day of the PC XT or then later a PC AT 286). If I married one game, was faithful to it and played no other, it would be Conan Exiles.

About me as a modder -

I have modded for many games in addition to writing modding software and supporting modders. I wrote tools for modding (TESFilesIII and TESFilesIV, Star Trek Online statistics interface, ROTG statistics interface, conversion from forum webgrab HTML to SQL for hosting a modding community of approx 50 devs - 2G+ forum size - Middle Earth Roleplay for Skyrim - MERP). I have authored mods for the following games - Morrowind, Oblivion, Elder Scrolls Online, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Fallout 4, & Conan Exiles.

Updated original post as “No Drum Sound” and “WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain” mods were added to the server.

May 10th 2019
Mods have been updated (mine and others) and the server is up and running fine -
lots of new content in this 1st Anniversary update! See you on the server!

Is there a discord server?