Wanting to join PvE 18+ moded small Conan server 2-10 players

I am Looking for a conan exiles server with 10 or less people and the sever must be pve 18+ most have mods 1.pickup+ 2.Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.1.4 3.Improved Quality of Life 4.Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh - v2.2.5 5.Fashionist v3.2.1(DLC compatible) 6.SandstormFix 7.Party UI 8.DyeMoreBetterer 9.Aquilonian Passion Body or Aquilonian females 10.Minion_Customizer
Mods I also like 1.Glowing Eyes & More 2.Glory of Combat 3.Tools Durability Multiplier Fix 4.Thurnock’s No Pet Decay In Inventory 5.Better Thralls v1.9.5 6.75% more Women 7.WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain v2.0.1 (1.0 compatible) 8.PaladianItemStackAndWeight 9.Glass Constructions and more… 10.NoDurabilityLossForUpgrade 11.Southern Comfort 12.Invisible Bracers 13.NoMoreHumanParts 14.More Map Markers 15.Thurnock’s No Camera Shake 16.Bark ByProduct 17.Building Shortcut Bar v1.4.1 18.ExtendedCartography 19.Heroes Law 20.Niflheimr - Encumbrance 21.The Absolute Glass Buildings 22.Thurnock’s Better Entertainers 23.Invisible Bracers 24.Thurnock’s Alternative Map Rooms/Stables/pens 25.Shadows Player Dancers 26.Lumbermill and Mining yes i like a lot of mods my sister has a server with all thos mods and more but no one plays on it but me. I am on pc my enail is hitmanray@hotmail.com


Hi! What you describe is essentially what I have running. Some of the mods you have listed are hard on servers. The intent of the mods you have on your list I have most of that covered but also keep the performance up and lag down. I have had this list with very slight modifications now for 2 years and no database issues and very few bugs.

The server is specifically built for Role Playing with 99% the enhancements players need for RP.

Player activity is light but slowly growing. Getting a number of peeps joining Discord then deciding just not to play. Not sure why but it happens. So player growth is slow…I suppose as normal. Other than that it is about as close to your needs/desires as possible.

Here is the info.


  • PvP is 100% Optional
  • ERP is one tool that is 100% Optional
  • RP in Character is not Optional (Global Chat is OOC, and Clan Chat is per Clan Leader…usually OOC)
  • I think you will like the building rules. 30x30x8 for everyone with a great amount of parts (Building + Placeable) to made things look Great but also keep server loading fast.
  • Full in game working economy.
  • Enhanced Survival and NPC difficulty making the game much less boring.

Come check it out!

Rohi Your server does sound pretty cool, I would wager the last thing on your post is what drives people to not stay. The increase in npc difficulty and survival most people dont like. For solo players harder npc’s can get annoying at times.

Some people*

Clan up.

Actually many don’t even go into the server once. That is what I don’t understand. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

NPC difficulty has nothing to do with HP. Has to do with making combat less of a bore. The health pools of the base game on bosses are tons less but they are actually more dangerous requiring players to be part of the fight or loss their follower. There, fixed the base game! lol

FYI…the peeps who like a challenge would love it and the peeps who like 5X Zero to Hero Easy will hate it.

As @Jimbo says. Some People and Team Up and ask for Help.

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