Looking for a good server after not having much luck

Hello all,

I’ve been looking to find a good server to play on regularly. I haven’t had much luck so far, it has either been bad admins (banning good players because of conflict an admin started), too many intrusive, non lore-friendly mods (AoC and EEWA), or just terrible ping, to a point where every item crafted caused lag. Below are my requested criteria, but I’m not super picky and can be flexible if the server is solid. If you feel I’d be a good fit for your server or the server you play on, please let me know!

Platform: PC
Server region: Eastern or Central US
Map: Exiled Lands
Server type: PvE, PvE-C, or RP restricted PvP
Rates: Preferably 3+ modifier for resources. XP can be 2+
Build restrictions: Low to none. I’d prefer not to be limited to 400 or less pieces. (I’m not trying to build castles, I just want to be able to build a RP home without fear)
Mods: Preferably yes, and anything goes except for mods that add high fantasy elements. I’d like to be as close to Conan lore as possible. Any other mods are welcome.

Thanks in advance. I’m excited to see what servers are out there!


Not sure if we fit the bill, we are a new Voice server.
Here is our add for more info.

Hope you take a look and come join us.

Just a thought. I disclaim the fact that I am not into ERP and I hardly ever used the lore breaking mods cited and others. I have experienced as a research the Sexiles Mod, and on top of not offering anything valued to me, I dont consider it even good in the aims it is made for. But I have nothing against certain things and the reason I am commenting here on that is substantiated by why I dont:

Anyone who have read the main work of the living period of Robert E Howard knows that Conan Exiles stories are depraved in many ways. There are no really explicit “depraved deranged horror”, but there are some vivid descriptions of sadism, sexual torture, and women who prey sexually on men, albeit not frequent, present.

Conan himself has not much respect for women who are not powerful warriors or sorceresses, and he is always depicted as enjoying every time he can do some ramming, the other part willing or not.

So, while I myself dont like it, my server does not run mods for it, nor I mod anything for it, the Universe of Conan is full of depravity that is relevant to the accurate RP of the Hyborian age.

Long ago when we played Pen and Paper RPG from some of the various Hyborian age systems, there were a lot of problems when someone wanted to play a Pict of any gender, or a Zamorian woman because Picts are sadistic, and Pict men will violate and kill the women of other races as general principle, and Zamorians treat their women as little more than animals, and they are the property of their fathers until they are sold or given to someone as their “spouse” which for them means ■■■ slave or maid, or both.

So “lore friendly server” means a depraved server, basically. If you think this is not your cup of tea and want something else, like me, it is ok. I have made up a lore reason why my mods and my server do not abide for that, but outside the server faction buildings, I would not prevent anyone to be “lore friendly” and “unleash the horror”, because this is “lore friendly”.

That being said, I still agree that AoC and things of the likes are the worse to someone really into RP.

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I think we have the server for you bud :wink:
I made a forum thread, just search Aesir, and the discord server is in the MOTD.