Looking for an RP server

Maybe there’s a dedicated “looking for server” thread I should be using? I dunno. In any case, like the topic says, I’m looking for an RP server to join. I’ve had the game for a while, but I’m just kinda getting back into it. I’ve been playing solo just to figure things out, but it definitely seems like it would be more fun with other people.

I’m not interested in PvP, and I definitely don’t want to get randomly killed by other players. I don’t want to get robbed or burgled. I keep seeing “pvp” and “rp” on server listings together, and I dunno if that means pvp is always on, or what.

I would really like a US-based server so maybe my lag is OK. I love RP, but I definitely want to play content in the game sometimes too, and if I can’t because of lag, that would get super frustrating.

I don’t care about eRP. It doesn’t offend me, it doesn’t turn me on. If it’s there, cool. If it isn’t, cool. I just don’t want to join a server where that’s basically the only reason people play.

I’m happy to install mods if they aren’t sketchy. I really don’t want to install Battle Eye, because it’s just too invasive. I promise I’m not a cheater, and (like I said) I don’t want to PvP, so hopefully that isn’t a dealbreaker.

Anyway, that’s about it. Congrats to anyone who made it to the end of this screed! Any suggestions on a server I could join? Thanks a lot!

Hi! If you would like please check out Lament and Desire.

RP/ERP and PvE are the main design of the server. The server is also enhanced survival but not impossible…just makes it feel more real.

There is PvP but the PvP is 100% Role Play which also means players that do not want to PvP but just live and play they can simply not PvP.

Come check it out. I am sure you will like it but if not…that is fine too. Have fun in what ever you find!


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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll check it out. It sounds like it might be a little hardcore for me, but I’ll definitely take a look!

Visit it and have an amazing experience!

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I’m on PC.

You are welcome to Mystic Domain of Kullinzios, where there are many storyteller of varying kind. All helpfull community and staff. We have a well written lore that is fantasybased and 38 different races to choose from. We do have quite the amount of mods, but all for the immerse feeling when creating your story.
I wish you welcome

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