Long-time RPer looking for new home (NA, PC)

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I’m a long-time RPer who knows the ropes, and have run (or help run) several RP-based communities aroudn different games. I’m looking for a new Conan home where I can be a player rather than an admin and just enjoy myself in the Exiled Lands.

  • I’d like an eye towards Isle of Siptah, either in early access or in 2021. If we server-wipe, oh well, we wipe. I’ll live.

  • NA-based. I’m US Central timezone, usually active in evenings and weekends. I’m old and grumpy, too, so an older (as in, ‘working adult’) playerbase is welcome.

  • RP/PVE. I’m not very interested in PVP. I prefer conflict be dealt with with RP or dice mechanics than raw PVP.

  • I prefer gritty/mature RP. I don’t shy away from the themes in Conan such as ■■■, sexism, racism, slavery, etc. It’s part of the genre, and I believe such things can be handled appropriately by mature roleplayers who respect that ‘character beliefs’ and ‘player beliefs’ aren’t the same thing.

  • Consent and OOC respect. At the same time as the above, there’s a line between what might be realistic or might happen in RP, that people IRL behind the keyboard aren’t comfortable with. Consent and OOC respect for the players behind the keyboard is a must.

  • ERP. I’m an ERPer, and want a server open to it. It’s not my end-all-be-all excuse for RP, but I enjoy my sexies, and, well, it’s Conan. Sexies are totally a thing.

  • The ability to go OOC. I see a lot of servers that are 100% IC all the time. I need to be able to say, “No, I just want to chop some wood for a while for some mindless decompression, I don’t have the bandwidth to RP right now”, especially in 2020. This year has sucked.

  • Low- or no-fantasy. I’m not interested in AoC, elves, dwarves, etc. I don’t mind some low magic in the sense of “that guy SAYS he’s a werewolf, but is he really?” or “is the priestess’ potions actually work, or is it placebo”, but fireballs and half-dragon, half-Faerie reincarnated Atlanteans are absolutely not my jam.

Any pointers / recommendations welcome!

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I’m a huge fan of Deadlands! It’s 18+, very realistic, and has a pretty active community and some great admins. The mods they use are pretty exceptional too. The RP on Deadlands seems to be the best I’ve seen on Conan- typically most people are semi-paragraph to paragraph RP’ers, and they like the gameplay aspect of the game too. I think this server pretty much hits all your points. The Discord code is: YsVwP3

I can’t put links, so you’ll just have to make your own Discord link and add it that way. Alternatively, just check out the server in game- They have all the info you need there!

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Im looking at starting up another serious rp server in 2021 when the Isle of Siptah full launches but looking at building a community up now in preparation! And id love to have someone like you on board to help manage because I think we share a lot of the same goals as far as rp is concerned! :smile:

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@ExiledKing I really don’t want to help manage things. I’ve been an administrator for so long, I need a break from it. But feel free to tag me when you’re up and running and I might check it out if I haven’t found a home by then.

@Stumme - I’ll check out Deadlands and sniff around. Thank you for the rec!

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no problem also looking for someone to help write storylines too if you fancy that? we also have a discord if you want to keep in touch?

Discord: Exiled King#2987

Hey there! Based on your criteria, I think my new server might work well for you. Although we do allow PvP under IC circumstances on weekends. Discord: https://discord.gg/ZncQE8D if you’d like to have a look at my ruleset, but we’ll be opening up on Siptah and are aiming at a mature RP community. I’d love to have somebody who understands quality roleplay to call Paragonia home! Thanks for reading if you did!

We sound pretty bang on :slight_smile: