Coming back to RP

Hey there,

I’ve taken a long ■■■ break from Conan RP and I’m hoping to dive back in. Looking for a server that’s 18+ with some decorating mods and preferably exiles extreme. I don’t mind if it’s a fairly quiet server that just needs more players, I’m happy to help out if the lore is fairly easy to follow with some awesome opportunities. :slight_smile:

Hey, Hexxx. I am starting a new server to launch with the new map. We don’t have any custom lore. Just the basics from religion and the original map. We are a vanilla server with a few QoL upgrades like 1.5xp, 1.5x resource drops, longer day cycles. You get it. So I’m not sure if we’re what you’re looking for, but I’d be grateful to have an experienced roleplayer to help me build up a new community! Hope to hear back from you. Here is the Discord if you want to have a look at the rules :slight_smile: it wont let me post the full link.

Hey! We have the mods on the old map still, and looking to use some on the new map. Both servers will be used :slight_smile:

New Lordore & New Lordore Isle of Siptah


We are running both maps, interlinked through discord for RP. Your character should be the same on both maps. Rules implemented to cater for this.

EU server with a mixed EU and US player base

X2 with boosted events