Looking for a fun PVP server for PC


Hey all I am looking for a fun PVP server . I am US EC I have the new dlc discord getting close to 400h of gameplay. I would also be interested in a clan as well

Hey :slight_smile: Give us a try!

New Lordore & New Lordore Isle of Siptah


We are running both maps, interlinked through discord for RP. Your character should be the same on both maps. Rules implemented to cater for this.

EU server with a mixed EU and US player base

X2 with boosted events


Hello fellow exile. If you are interested in taking over an official server with some veteran players with thousands of hours might I suggest joining 6152. I assure you that you won’t regret it.

Check out my thread in this forum.

Just send me your discord or post it in that thread.