[EU] Eiden's Garden (PvE) (Mods) (18+)

Hello! Let me introduce myself first, I’m Evelyn but you can call me Eve. What’s the reason for me being here? It’s simple. Me and my friend recently opened our own Conan Exiles server.

Interested? Stick around for more.
Our server has feature rich mods, such as RP elements, new items etc.
The server has 10 slots and adjusted rates for simpler and easier gameplay, also, we will adjust the server’s slots on demand if needed.
Let me tell what mods we currently run on our server.

  • Conan Sexiles
  • Exiles Extreme
  • Pippi
  • Emberlight
  • Less Building Placement Restrictions
  • NoxUI Changes
  • LitMan Boobs and Dongs
  • Pickup+
  • RP Aesthetics (RA)

That’s a total of 9 mods. We are a simple group of people that just want to have fun on a chill saturday evening with friends. Still interested? Want to join us? It’s simple!
If you don’t already have auto mods download, follow the next steps.

  • On the main screen go to Settings - > Gameplay, you should see these 2 options there called:
    AUTOMATICALLY CONNECT TO SERVER WHEN MODS ARE READY - that’s optional if you want to check it.

I hope I convinced you to join us! We’re waiting for you!

Server IP:
The discord invite code is: tTTuUz

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When i try to search the server i found the server Pvp ? As Its mentioned pve on here .