Looking for PC PVE EU server

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for a friendly community that has a place for a relaxed guy. My interests are mostly about exploring and fighting mobs, not really into fighting other players or griefing.

If you have room for me, please toss me a message.

Thank you!

Mine is in the US but you are welcome to join. It uses the Pippi MOD.
Topless Wench PvE -

Thanks you for taking your time to reply to my post. Unfortunately I am looking for an EU server to have a smoother experience.

Good luck and happy gaming!

Hey everyone,

I would like to invite you to our relaxed pve (PC) server:

UnitedGameserver EU Conan Exiles

PVE (PC) server
Discord: https://discord.gg/YkQ8GBa
server location: Frankfurt/ Germany (low ping in Europe)
70 slots
server population constantly growing, now during prime time around 15 players online
English is first language in global
players are very friendly and helpful, active global
standard xp/gathering rates
daily restart of server at 4:15 (MESZ) to prevent lags
Conan-Exiles.com: https://conan-exiles.com/server/34624/ 2
Official servers are always full and you need to wait long time for a spot. Don’t waste this time, don’t be afraid to join a private server and let’s experience adventures together on:

UnitedGameserver EU Conan Exiles