[EU] New Dark Lands 18+ [PVE] Relaxed/Optional Roleplay/Savage Wilds Map [3x Harvest, 1.5x Xp]

Hello Lads! This invitation to those people (and creatures) who are a bit sick of the Exiled Lands in Conan Exiles and want a more non-vanilla experience.

My server is currently running the: Savage Wilds map. Some notable features of the server:

An Economy system
Exiles Extreme - a mod that adds more fantasy elements into the game giving it ARK vibes (kinda, sorta, not really.)
Plenty of Roleplay oriented mods
Advanced character customization mods
New free build sets
A bunch of quality of life mods
3x Harvesting
1.5 PlayerXPRateMultiplier

The Server is for ADULTS ONLY (18+)!!!

No Password.

The server is new, however, I am looking for new faces to experience the map with. If interested, you are welcome to add me directly on discord: $BLACK$FIRE$#7157

Hope to see you soon^^

P.S Here is the full list of mods:

AG- Metallurgy
Amunets Weather Changes
Animal and Horse Taming Places
Better Thralls
Beyond Decor: Rustic Edition
Beyond Theatrics
Configurable Elevators
Dark Desires
Devious Desires
Immersive Armor
Improved Quality of Life
Legendary Chests - Adjustable Level Requirement
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Litman Level One Fifty-Six (156)
Restricted Exiles
Unlock Plus
Exiles Extreme
Grim Productions
Savage Wilds
Chains of Hyboria
Northern Timber
Thrall Wars