PC Paragon Exiles Conan Savage Wilds Modded server

Paragon Exiles a new server on The Savage Wilds map. Heavily geared for customization on all levels and building optimization. Relaxed Environment, Clean map, Builders Dream Virtually no restrictions. Future planned events coming. Looking to build a new community. Players can set the feel of the server as it will grow in the direction of the population moves. Admin players on hand.

Discord for features and rules plus active news feeds discord.gg/PRxDb6CM3j

Mostly Vanilla / Thrall x5 / Pets x3 / Level 300 / 5 Man Clans / PvE-C (structured PvP as community wants or needs) / NSFW Content / Full Nudity /RP ready and geared if desired with mods to suit and decorating or RP needs.

Pippi / DM Tools / LBPR /Better Thralls / Immerse RP & Armor / North Timer / Emberlight and more…