Valhalla Savage Wilds PVE [FR/EN]

New server !!! Savage Wilds Map PVE

You are bored with the 2 offical map? Try Savage Wilds you will love it, this server has only comsetique mods to have more choice to build and customize you charactere and thrall. Active event are on with random rewards!

Server : Valhalla Savage Wilds PVE [FR/EN]

Slot: 20

Settings : Vanilla and

  • EXP X2

  • Harvest X2

  • Active event

Mods :

  • Pippi - User & Server Management

  • Savage Wilds

  • Fashionist

  • Desert Town

  • Northern Timber

  • Sand and Stone

  • Fence Gates

  • Hyborian Body/Armor

  • WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles

  • Sexy Silent Legion Armor

  • RA: Character Customisation

  • Immersive Armor

  • High Heels System

  • Evils Cabinet

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sounds good to me … you should add outfit manager

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and i will looks great since there is alot of outfit :slight_smile:

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Exiles Extreme add a good few goodies as well and better thralls is a good one to have as well

Updated main post with mod list.

Next 2 hour will give starter pack for new comer.

  • horse
  • T3 sherpa
  • stelar pickaxe