New PvP Server - Savage Wilds Map - Solo PvP / 3x XP and Harvest [No Gods/No Clans]

New Server: The Solo PvP Server [3x] No Clans/No Gods/Weekend Raids


Direct Connect:


Pippi (880454836)

Savage Wilds (2377569193)

Hasav’s Custom UI (1797359985)

Less Building Placement Restrictions (1369743238)

Unlock Plus w/ Pickup (877108545)

Emberlight (1369802940)

XP Rate: x3

Harvest Rate: x3

Purge: On

PvP: On

Time-Restrict PvP Building Damage: Fri (2200-2359), Sat & Sun (0600-2359)

Hey can you get mods EEWA, Level 300, and Paragon Levelling?